Monday, January 17, 2011

Not in part, but the whole

This past week, I have had a song repeatedly coming into my thoughts throughout the day. Its message is stirring and thought-provoking, and also bears a challenge to each of us as followers of Jesus Christ.

All Of Me

All of me, Not a part but all of me
All the heart and soul of me
Jesus, I surrender

I believe, Lord, help my unbelief
On the altar now I lay
all I am today

So use me, Lord, use me anywhere at all
Though my place may be great or small
let me fill it gladly

Take my life, be it poor or be it grand
Let me live it by Your plan.
Shape it with Your hand

As I am, I come to Thee without one plea
Only that Thy saving blood
was shed for me

All of me, through the ages yet to be
I surrender Lord to Thee
I surrender all of me
All of me
I surrender all,
All of me

After reading the lyrics again, I took a moment to look up two of the main words in the song to see just what they mean . . .

Surrender: To give oneself up completely, to yield
All: Completely, Entirely, Wholly, without reservation

Indeed, that should be the earnest cry of the heart of every believer. And also something that we should be asking ourselves often . . . are we surrendering all to Christ? Have we yielded every part of our lives to be shaped by His hand? Or are there areas that we are holding back? I think it is safe to say that surrendering ourselves wholly to the Lord is something that we must do each and every day - it is not a one time thing. But day by day, we can come closer and closer to our goal and someday we will reach that point of complete surrender when we are with Him in glory. What a precious promise that is!

-Posted by Leah 

Words and music by Mosie Lister
Photo by : Bruno Monginoux


  1. Dear Leah,

    Those are very meaningful words. I've never seen that song before, but I really like the words. And the thoughts you shared about surrender and giving our selves to the Lord were very convicting and encouraging!

    Thank you for sharing this! :)

  2. Dear Miss Leah,

    I just love to work a hymn over and over in my head throughout the day as I go about my housework. It is amazing how God reveals important points to us as we ponder His word...and so often, hymns are simply God's word put to music!

    This is a beautiful hymn. Surrendering seems to be difficult for some...perhaps because of our naturally strong will and pride...but oh, the peace that comes when we surrender all to Him. The burden it lifts from our shoulders...the comfort that surrounds us. Such an example of an amazing Love!

    God bless,
    Mrs. Laura

  3. I am so glad that the post was encouraging to you, Joy! I had never heard this song either until recently, but it fast became one of my favorites. :) The words are so convicting!

    You are welcome in regards to sharing, and thank you for your sweet comment!

  4. Thank you for your comment, Mrs. Laura! Like you, I enjoy thinking about the words of hymns for, as you shared, they often are simply God's word put to music. They have such truth to them!

    Yes, surrendering is often difficult for believers in Christ as it is a surrendering of the very essence of who we are . . . wants, desires, needs, hopes, dreams. But then, as you shared, what great peace and comfort come when this surrender is done!